Relatives boo ErdoIan, attack his convoy

MANISA (CIHAN)- Angry relatives booed Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoIan in the western Turkish town of Soma, where at least 238 coal miners have died after a mine explosion.

Many in the crowd expressed anger at ErdoIan’s government, chanting “Resign” or “Murderer” while the prime minister was walking toward his car.

While ErdoIan was speaking to the media about the incident, rocks were being thrown and some people were shouting that ErdoIan was a “Murderer!” and a “Thief!”

Prime Minister barely escaped the lynch of angry crowd.

The protesters faced off against riot police, who had gas masks and water cannons, in front of the ruling AK Party headquarters.

In other parts of the country, protesters faced riot police and vehicles, who fired water to disperse the crowd. Police stepped up the number of police officers in Taksim Square to prevent any type of demonstration.


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