Ramiz Mehdiyev: “Ambassador Morningstar should not forget that Azerbaijan is self-sufficient country, not someone else’s colony”

Baku: “I would like to thank all those who have felt it necessary to express their attitude to the position of Ambassador Morningstar set out in this interview. This is a truly civic position of our people”, – Head of the Azerbaijani Presidential Administration, academician Ramiz Mehdiyev said in his interview to AzerTAj, APA reports.

Ramiz Mehdiyev noted that interview of U.S. Ambassador is surprising: “Interview of U.S. Ambassador is at least surprising on background of aggravated geopolitical processes in the world and the former Soviet Union because of the West. I hesitate to say yet what the motives and reasons prompted him to give such an interview and voice as incorrect in terms of diplomatic etiquette thoughts. It was a gross interference in the internal affairs of the country. In any case, this is not and can not be justified. Once again I want to emphasize that the views expressed by the ambassador, in fact, is an open and direct intervention in the internal affairs of the host country, which is inadmissible in accordance with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations”.

R. Mehdiyev also emphasized that the tone of the interview is more reminiscent of dictate and imposes their views to an independent state: “Ambassador Morningstar should not forget that Azerbaijan is self-sufficient country, not someone else’s colony”.

Head of the Azerbaijani PA noted that as an Ambassador Morningstar simply obliged to respect the sovereignty of the host country: “Incidentally, this is directly related to the ambassadors of some western countries that try to act like the U.S. ambassador. We are not going to tolerate disrespect to Azerbaijan”.

R. Mehdiyev recalled that Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has repeatedly said that he does not intend to tolerate careless and disrespectful attitude neither towards Azerbaijan nor to Azerbaijani people. “I believe that our American colleagues are well aware of the position of the government. If the U.S. ambassador, in spite of everything allows such rude manners against Azerbaijan, so he has serious problems with his status. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Ambassador Morningstar impermissible form for a diplomat trying to dictate, interfering in the internal affairs of our country , which puts under question his professionalism as a diplomat”.

Head of the Azerbaijani PA noted another important fact is the statements of ambassador said about Azerbaijan’s neighbors. “Such statements are nothing as pure provocation. Azerbaijan supports and will always support good relations with its neighbors, regardless of the wishes of the third forces. And the current situation in the world once again proves the correctness and rationality of our actions”.

R. Mehdiyev also emphasized that the tone of the interview is unacceptable: “From the context of this interview, I can say that ambassador has overstep the limits. He imagines himself as a governor who rules Azerbaijan, shouting”.

Head of the Azerbaijani PA said that very many prominent experts, including American, believe that in modern Washington’s foreign policy are obvious elements of the crisis, and the statement of Mr. Kerri – U.S. Secretary of State about the need of conceptual change in this area only confirms this. “Morningstar certainly did not catch the new political trends in the world.

Obviously, Ambassador Morningstar worldview and those who directly supervises its activity is stuck in the past and is in contradiction with the times. Multipolar world advises against colonial thinking.


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