RACHEL – zdilek quits Genler after row with septuagenarian boss

zdilek quits Genler after row with septuagenarian bossFollowing a disagreement with upper management over the club’s plan for the coming year, coach Mehmet zdilek abruptly resigned from his post with GenlerbirliIi on Monday, which could spell more turmoil for the club in the near future. zdilek, who is popularly referred to as “Iifo Mehmet” in Turkey, had met with 78-year-old GenlerbirliIi Chairman Ilhan Cavcav to discuss the club’s plans for the upcoming season.

However, the two failed to reach a decision with regard to budgeting. The transfers requested by zdilek far outweighed the 12 players he proposed offloading, reportedly adding up to a bill of 50 million lira for next year’s squad change.

 Cavcav and zdilek came forward again to present their final proposals this week but still could not agree. The coach turned in his letter of resignation shortly after The chairman read and accepted the resignation and terminated his contract, which had another full year with Genler remaining.

 But is it a good idea for the Ankara-based club, which was floundering in last when zdilek was hired in week 9, to let the coach go? Iifo Mehmet did more than just pull the club from the brink of relegation. He led GenlerbirliIi to a respectable ninth place in the Spor Toto Super League standings.

 Plus, keeping a coach around for a year or more contributes to stability and security within the club. As a player, zdilek was playmaker for BeIiktaI from 1988 until he retired in 2001.

As a coach, he most recently served Medical Park Antalyaspor from 2008 to 2013 before coming to GenlerbirliIi. A coach with such a track record of loyalty adds much value to a teamGrand plans Indeed, the Antalyaspor that zdilek left at the end of the 2012-13 season — when the club ended at seventh place — was this year relegated to the second-tier PTT League 1 The very same fate could have befallen Genler had he not taken command this year But gratitude for such unglamorous successes is rare in the world of football, and so coaches who manage to keep an unfit team from completely collapsing are often let go unceremoniously.

zdilek found himself in such a situation. No one denies that he did good things with his club, as he did with Antalyaspor before, but he is not being rewarded.

Instead, management told him that his needs are too costly and allowed him to leave. A middling Super League club like GenlerbirliIi has a very tight budget.

Even if the board wanted to give him the money required to make the team zdilek wants, they would be hard-pressed to come up with the funding. Money is always the trouble for Anatolian clubs.

Even a reputable team like Genler is not immune to financial woes. And according to Cavcav, that is exactly why zdilek had to be let go.

He says the club only has 13-14 million euros, which is not enough to support Iifo’s grand plans. .

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman

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