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Manisa Governor Erdogan Bektai apologized on Friday for remarks that have been widely criticized as discriminating against women who do not wear the headscarf.
andquotI apologize to all citizens, especially to women, for [my] use of ill-suited language,andquot Bektai said in a statement.

Immediately before Bektai made the public apology, Interior Minister Selami Altinok appointed inspectors to look into the way the governor handled public backlash against the handcuffing of a two women detained in the province on terrorism charges.
The inspectors will examine whether a formal investigation should be launched into Governor Bektai, private broadcaster CNN Tandurk reported on Friday.
The news of a possible investigation into Bektai came hours after Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoilu said the governor and”went beyond his aimand” with the controversial remarks.
Police officers in Manisa on Monday handcuffed 26 people, including lawyers, educators and headscarved women, and paraded them on the street until they were escorted to police cars in an operation carried out against the faith-based Gandulen movement, popularly known as the Hizmet movement, which is inspired by the teachings of Turkish Islamic scholar Fethullah Gandulen. The operation was conducted based on the charge of providing financial support to alleged members of the and”parallel structure,and” a term invented by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to refer to the movement.
The images of the handcuffed suspects, in particular those of headscarf-wearing women, sparked public outcry. Following the reaction, the Manisa police chief, Tayfur Erdal Ceren, was suspended by Bektai after an order came from Davutoilu.
Releasing a written statement to explain the reasons behind the suspension of the police chief on Wednesday, Governor Bektai stated: and”Subjecting anyone who has not been proven guilty by any legal process, especially headscarved women, who are viewed so positively by society, to such unwarranted and terrible treatment has disturbed many people in society.and”
Opposition lawmakers and civil society organizations have criticized Bektai and the Turkish Bar Association (TBB) has filed two separate complaints against the governor.


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