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Photographer Kerem Yanducel focuses mainly on cultural, social and environmental issues. In November 2015, working with CAN Europe, he visited Turkeyand’s rural areas which are under direct influence from the use of coal and documented the life there. The photographic life stories, which have come from visits to seven provinces and their districts and villages that are directly threatened by the existing thermal power plants and new coal-based projects, are compiled for the exhibition and titled andquotSmoked Future.andquot
Yanducel explained the project as follows: andquotI know each new coal-based investment steals from my and my childrenand’s future. It is painful to see how people donand’t see the next step. Like smoke, coal-fired thermal power stations slowly spread and penetrate our cells. They poison us and we are not aware of it. This is the hair-raising part: being aware of nothing. With this project, I want to stop it. Before smoke and fumes get to people, I want them to see the photos. I want them to be aware of this before it is too late.andquot
Elif Gandundanduzyeli from Climate Action Network Europe (CAN Europe), who worked with Yanducel on the site for about a year during the photographing, said: andquotThere are currently 21 thermal power stations in Turkey and 75 coal-fired thermal power stations are planned to be commissioned by 2023. These stations are concentrated in and around andcanakkale, izmir, Manisa, Zonguldak, Adana and Kahramanmarai, and Turkey has the highest number of thermal power stations around the world. In addition to air pollution which directly impairs human health and natural environment, the thermal power stations aersely affects peopleand’s lives with large harbor constructions, outdoor coal stores, ash dams and mines they indirectly lead to. Due to their excessive use of water and soil pollution they cause, thermal power stations inhibit agricultural productivity and threaten food safety. They also lead to a decline in agricultural employment and agricultural workers tend to be employed in mining sectors which do not offer securities about employment and wages in the lignite mining places. With their greenhouse emissions, thermal power stations are the major triggers of climate change. As such, they create serious questions about the sustainability of our future.andquot
Exhibition: Nov. 11-12, 2015, Tandutandun Deposu (Tobacco Warehouse), Tophane, Istanbul


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