Prosecutor requests approval of officers’ prison sentence in Ali Ismail case

The Supreme Court of Appeals Chief Public Prosecutorand’s Office has requested that the High Court approve prison sentences for two police officers who were convicted of brutally beating a 19-year-old protester during demonstrations in Eskiiehir on June 2, 2013.
A local court sentenced the police officers — Mevlandut SalDogan and Yalandcin Akbulut — to 10 years in prison each on Jan. 21 on the charge of causing death as a result of injury at a trial regarding the death of Ali ismail Korkmaz.
However, lawyers representing the police officers appealed to the Supreme Court of Appeals. Despite the appeal, the prosecutorand’s office sought the approval of the officersand’ original sentences. The request was submitted on Monday to the 1st Chamber of the Supreme Court of Appeals.
The two police officers are expected to serve only two-and-a-half years in prison, as they have already been incarcerated for one-and-a-half years and will benefit from the Law on Probation.
Korkmaz, a first-year student at Eskiiehir University, was comatose for 38 days and ultimately died of a brain hemorrhage after a group of four plainclothes policemen and four civilians beat him in the street during the Gezi protests of the summer of 2013. Korkmaz had attended a march in Eskiiehir and fled from the police, who fired tear gas and used water cannons at peaceful demonstrators.
Police officers iaban GandOkpinar and Handuseyin Engin, who were allegedly also involved in the incident, were acquitted due to a lack of evidence.
The assailants accosted and tripped Korkmaz as he was running down a side street. The group then beat Korkmaz with bats and kicked him in the head. According to eyewitnesses, after the victim fell down, his attackers continued to kick and beat him, ultimately leading to the teenand’s death.
The attack on Korkmaz further fueled the tensions that escalated in late May 2013 over a government plan to replace Gezi Park in Istanbuland’s Taksim Square with a replica of an Ottoman-era barracks. Numerous protests were held across the country following a police crackdown on the Istanbul protest.


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