Pro-gov’t editor-in-chief supports fans who booed minute of silence for Paris victims

The editor-in-chief of the pro-government Akiam daily, Murat Kelkitoilu, has expressed support for a group of spectators who booed during a minuteand’s silence held for the victims of the Paris attacks before their national team drew 0-0 with Greece in a friendly international football game at Istanbuland’s Baiakiehir Fatih Terim Stadium on Tuesday.
In his column published on Thursday, Kelkitoilu defined the highly criticized behavior of the Turkish spectators as and”an uprising against double standards.and”
Explaining why he supports those spectators, Kelkitoilu compared European reactions to the Paris attacks with the terrorist attacks that took place in the Suruandc district of ianliurfa and Ankara in July and October, respectively, and defined the difference in European reactions to those incidents as and”a double standard.and”
Also pointing to the deadly attack on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, in which 12 people, including several world-renowned cartoonists, were killed in Paris in January, Kelkitoilu recalled that world leaders came together in Paris to show their solidarity after the Charlie Hebdo attack, but the same world leaders remained silent when 34 people were killed in the Suruandc attack and more than 100 people were killed in the Ankara bombings.
The mark of respect was observed at matches across Europe, including at Wembley, where France played England, after radical terrorist Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants had struck Paris on Friday night, killing 129 people.
The minuteand’s silence was also held before the match between Greece and Turkey on Tuesday evening to show solidarity with France. However, the silence was protested by some spectators who booed and others who shouted and”Martyrs never die, the country will never be divided.and”
Some spectators also booed during the singing of the Greek national anthem before the match. Turkish midfielder Arda Turan reacted against the errant spectators, attempting to silence them with hand signals. When the spectators continued to boo, other Turkish footballers — Olcay iahan and Mehmet Topal — also used hand signals to ask the spectators to be quiet.
The behavior of the spectators has led to strong criticism from Turkey and around the world.
The Akiam daily belongs to a businessman who is a supporter of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
h2Erdogan criticizes fans for disrespecting Greek national anthemh2 Erdogan has chided Turkish fans for disrespecting the national anthem of neighboring Greece during the match by booing and chanting slogans.
and”We are not a country that cannot tolerate another countryand’s national anthem. It is not in our genes. What would we do if the same thing were done to us?and” Erdogan said during a televised interview on Wednesday evening.
and”We are having a friendly game and they [Greek people] are guests in our country. The Turkish nation would not do this to its guests, no matter who they are,and” Erdogan added.
While criticizing the fansand’ disrespect of the Greek national anthem, Erdogan did not comment on the boorish behavior of the spectators during the minute of silence.


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