‘Private firms not seized even during coup period’

The seizing of companies on the basis of and”reasonable suspicionand” is the first of its kind in the history of the Turkish Republic, not even occurring during the Feb. 28, 1997 coup era, according to former Economy Minister Gandunei Taner in speaking to Todayand’s Zaman.
Reactions continue to mount against this weekand’s seizure and appointment of trustees to Kaynak Holding, a company that employs 8,000 people. Taner says that during the period that the coalition government, headed by Islamist politician Necmettin Erbakan, was forced out of power by the National Security Council (MGK), requests were on the table to seize Islamic capital, but the MGK refused to do so.
and”In the MGK meeting, there was an intelligence official who described certain Islamic banks and holding companies as being under andlsquoreen [Islamic] capital.and’ In order to control banks and companies under this categorization, there were those who recommended that they be seized or closed,and” Taner said. and”But after the meeting, President Sanduleyman Demirel made me a promise. I told him that in no country governed by the rule of law were there categorizations such as andlsquoreen, red or yellowand’ capital. These types of demands that are not in harmony with the rule of law will one day be called to account, I said. President Demirel took what I said into consideration and no unlawful procedures were launched against the so-called andlsquoreen capitaland’ companies,and” Taner said.
and”A trustee appointed in the name of the state cannot make more than the highest paid civil servant, which is the prime ministerand’s undersecretary. How can a judge decide to give a TL 105,000 monthly salary? What authority do they have?and” Taner said, commenting on the exorbitant monthly salaries granted to the trustees who have taken over Kaynak Holding.
Taner said no company can be confiscated and assigned a trustee leadership on the basis of and”reasonable suspicionand” without sufficient evidence and a final court order. According to Turkish commercial law, companies that are regularly inspected can only be assigned trustee leadership in limited situations. Taner said the seizure of Koza ipek Holding and Kaynak Holding was very problematic from a legal perspective.


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