Press Council files complaint to HSYK against judge behind trustee decision

During the first hearing in the case of the murder of Turkish singer Deier Deniz, held on Tuesday, the suspect defended himself by claiming that Deniz had insulted his manhood and so therefore he could not resist killing her.
The suspect, identified by the initials C.M., maintained that he was in a relationship with Deniz and that she had and”insulted his masculinity.and”
According the news portal, the suspect said the following in his defense during the hearing: and”She saw me on the street when I was sniffing glue. We met when I was out walking my friendand’s dogs. One day she invited me in, saying, andlsquoDonand’t sniff here, come to my house.and’ I used drugs in her home. We became lovers. At one point, I was kidnapped for 15 days and we did not see each other. When I returned, I wanted to see her. When I saw her window open, I figured she was home when she was not at home she always kept the windows closed. I rang the doorbell but she didnand’t answer. I climbed my way up into the house. She was surprised when she saw me and asked how I got into the house. andlsquoYou did a good thing by coming through the window,and’ she said. Then, I saw an engagement ring and asked what had happened. andlsquoYou were gone for 15 days. This is a present from a friend of mine,and’ she said. I got jealous. Her words hurt my virility. I could not resist killing her.and”
According to Turkish media reports, Denizand’s family lawyer stated and”The suspect in this case thinks, andlsquoIf I say that she affronted my masculinity,and’ then he, like in previous cases, can receive a decreased penalty for andlsquounjust provocationand’.and”
The next hearing for the case is scheduled to be held on Dec. 25.

Deier Deniz
Deniz was found dead in her apartment on May 5. The incident was initially reported as a robbery, by which a thief who entered her apartment killed her as he was trying to steal from her. It was later revealed that the musician screamed when the suspect C.M. entered her apartment at around 5:40 a.m., to which he responded by strangling her with a telephone charging cord. The suspect is also accused of having raped the victim.
Orhan Deniz, who had not heard from his sister in two days, went to her apartment at around 9 p.m. After ringing the bell for a while, he called a locksmith and entered the apartment. The brother reportedly found his sister, who was living alone in her apartment, dead on the floor with her hands bound.
Orhan spoke to the press outside the courthouse and stated and”Every day we are faced with this kind of news. This is murder. There are certain questions we all have in our minds. From time to time, these are reflected in strange ways. In the male-dominated media, things are shown differently. At first, it was shown to be a case of robbery.and”
Orhan Deniz also added: andquotIn our country, there are decreased sentences being given for and’good behavior.and’ … We are trying to prevent him from receiving such a sentence. Good behavior does not simply come from wearing a tie [to court].andquot


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