President calls Azerbaijani companies in Georgia to create new jobs for Azerbaijanis

The relations between Azerbaijan and Georgia are developing rapidly, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said.

President Aliyev made the remarks on Nov.6 at the meeting with the Azerbaijanis in the Georgian city of Marneuli.

He said that the cooperation between Azerbaijan and Georgia has a long history.

“Today, Azerbaijan and Georgia, the two fraternal countries, are implementing large-scale projects in the region and will do their outmost for the execution of these projects in the future,” the president said.

The head of state mentioned that both Azerbaijan and Georgia are multinational and multi-confessional countries.

“Different nations live in peace and prosperity in our countries. This is our great success and achievement. We would like that the Azerbaijanis living in Georgia and the Georgians in Azerbaijan to play important roles in the socio-political life of the countries, contribute to the progress as worthwhile citizens of their countries and not to forget their historical roots. I would like the Azerbaijanis living in Georgia to feel comfortable and contribute to overall development of the country as worthwhile citizens of Georgia,” President Aliyev said.

Azerbaijanis living in Georgia have always supported Georgia’s statehood and been exemplary citizens, the head of state added.

“It should be so, because you have been living in these lands for centuries. Today, the historical relations linking our peoples, centuries-old friendly and brotherly relations, and today’s Georgia-Azerbaijan relations have a positive impact in your life as well,” he said.

The president praised the projects implemented at Marneuli Youth Center and Tea House and the study of Georgian language. “Learning this language you are contributing to Georgia’s statehood.”

President Aliyev called on Azerbaijani companies operating in Georgia to create favorable conditions for Azerbaijanis living in this country.

“They must continue to invest in Georgia, create new jobs, logistics centers. We will do everything to ensure your welfare in the future and make you love Azerbaijan and Georgia,” the president said.


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