Presentations of books on Nagorno Karabakh conflict and history of Karabakh in Russian and English held in Baku

Baku: Today, presentation of books “Khojaly Witness of a war crime – Armenia in the Dock” (in Russian: Карабах. История в контексте конфликта) published by The European Azerbaijan Society (TEAS) has been held in Baku. APa reports that the presentation ceremony has been attended by historians, researchers, members of society.

chairman of The European Azerbaijan Society Tale Heydarov said in his speech that though Azerbaijan lives rapid development recent years, Armenia’s aggressive policy influences the development of this country negatively: “Under the support of newly-formed Azerbaijani lobby, Azerbaijani Diaspora and government, we published books reflecting Azerbaijan’s objective position. The “Khojaly Witness of a war crime – Armenia in the Dock” book published in Garnet Publishing (decorators: Ien Port and Fiona Mclachlan) is the first edition documenting 26th February 1992 Khojaly events based on the initial sources and published in English in the West. This edition is the first collection of testimonies of witnesses interviewed by western authors from the persons escaped from Khojaly genocide. The book includes articles, as well as scientific researches published in the western and Russian media. Other book will be source for studying and recognition of history of Karabakh. These books will also be translated into other European languages”.

Decorator of the “Khojaly Witness of a war crime – Armenia in the Dock” book Ien Port noted that the book includes the full reports of international human rights organizations (Memorial and Human rights Watch/Helsinki) on Khojaly massacre: “we gathered information from the people who have lived in Khojaly, as well as used materials of foreigh journalists during preparation of the book. We are dissatisfied with that Armenia disobeys the UN 4 resolutions”.

The book also includes rare photos of foreign photo correspondents (Victoria Ivleva, Friedrich Lengaign, David Brauchly, Klaus Reisinger, Lin Hengsheng and Georgie de Karl). The materials included in the collection from international media (The Washington Post, Le Monde, The Times, Труд, Комсомольская Правда) have been acquired through exclusive understanding and published for the first time. These photos are already property of Azerbaijani Republic.

Photographer Friedrich Lengaign spoke in his speech about what he saw while filming the Khojaly genocide in February, 1992.

Deputy Head of the Azerbaijani Presidential Administration Novruz Mammadov noted that the books presented by TEAS is only a part of its activity: “TEAS’s target is to introduce Azerbaijan’s achievements gains during 22 years to the world and Europe and it is doing it well”.

According to Mammadov the most needed thing in the world is a justice: “Unfortunately, the history changed to a geopolitical matter and plays its role positively (if it is just) and negatively (if it is unjust). Today, some countries try to base occupation of Azerbaijan’s territories on the their so-called history. Through, all countries have their own position on Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity, our lands are still under the occupation. These books reflects reality of Khojaly genocide, history of Azerbaijan. This indicates that Azerbaijani people, leadership will never reconcile with the occupation of its territories. It will liberate its lands with any way. Armenian leadership also should know it”.


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