Poverty is a constant thing in Armenia

By: Laman Sadigova

Poverty is embracing more and more Armenians increasing the index of poverty in this post-Soviet country.

The poverty index was 30 percent in 2014, as official statistics suggest.

Monthly expenses for every third citizen of Armenia were less than 40.000 AMD ($83). The depth of poverty was 4.5 percent, and severity was 1.3 percent.

Analysis into incomes of households per settlement areas reveals that income from employment is of special importance for urban residents, which account for 55 percent of total income, according to the statistical data of 2014.

The monthly spending of 3 out of 10 people in this poor country was less than 40,264 drams, the head of the department of household studies of the National Statistics Service Diana Martirosova said.

Studies conducted in 2014 revealed that 900,000 people live in poverty in Armenia. As many as 330,000 of them were poorer, and 70,000 were extremely poor. The depth and severity of poverty in 2014 were inferior to the same measures in 2008.

In 2014, the depth and severity of poverty exceeded 2008 by 0.7 percent and the level of general poverty by 2.4 percent. Eradication of poverty requires 66.2 billion drams.

Some 67.9 percent of extremely poor people are urban dwellers, while Shirak is the poorest region, which recorded poverty rate at 44 percent.

The post-Soviet poor country is now sinking in crisis and debts, due to different countries such as ill-conceived and aggressive international policy, occupation of internationally recognized Azerbaijani lands, corruption of the government and suppression of every competition in the country.

Armenia simply cannot cope with the catastrophic situation and many experts predict the situation to get worse in the nearest future.

Armenia’s state debt relative to its GDP is approaching catastrophic 50 percent what predicts harsh days and end for the country’s economy.

The government which has no economic plans and strategy is unable to rule the country.


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