Pope visits al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem

KUDuS (CIHAN)- Pope Francis of Vatican visited Muslims’ holy al-Aqsa mosque within the scope of his Middle East tour. Pope Francis started the third and final day of his pilgrimage to the Holy Land Monday at the Al-Aqsa mosque complex where he met with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, and urged Muslims, Christians and Jews to “work together for justice and peace.”

Jerusalem’s Mufti and preacher of al-Aqsa mosque Sheikh Muhammad Hussein welcomed and guided Pope during his visit to the one of Muslims’ most important sacred worship places.

Pope Francis, 77, called the world to unite for “peace and justice” in due course of his visit to the mosque.

Meeting with Israeli and Palestinian leaders during his Middle East trip, Pope Francis told them to encourage their nations for double state settlement in the region.

“It is hard to build peace, but living without peace is a perpetual pain,” Pope stated.

Before coming to the al-Aqsa mosque, Pope visited also Israel’s Wailing Wall and Yad-Vashem genocide monument.


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