Poll: 1% of Russians sees Azerbaijanis as fraternal nation

Moscow: Russia Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) held an interesting poll among the Russian citizens.

During the poll, the respondents enumerated the nations which they see as frater for themselves.

APA’s Moscow correspondent reports that the poll was held among 1,600 people living in 130 residential settlements of 42 regions, provinces and republics of Russia.

According to the results of the poll, 79 % respondents sees the Belarusians as frater, 66% the Ukrainians, 14% the Kazakhs, 8% the nations living in the territory of the Russian Federation, 7% the Armenians and Tatars.

Only 1% of respondents see the Azerbaijanis as fraternal nation for the Russians.

19% respondents consider the fraternal nations as the nations with the same and similar roots, 14% as the nations supporting each other, 10% as the nations living in peace, 10% as the nations with similar cultures, 8% as the nations with similar languages.

22% respondents consider that the nations with no common foreign policy cannot be called fraternal nations.


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