Political parties win 81 seats in Azerbaijani parliament

Baku: The number of MP mandates won by political parties in the Nov.1 elections to Azerbaijani parliament’s 5th convocation has been announced.

The New Azerbaijan Party has won 69 seats and Civil Solidarity Party 2 seats. Motherland Party, Democratic Enlightenment Party, Azerbaijan Social Welfare Party, Social Democratic Party, Unity Party, National Statehood Movement Party, Political Azerbaijan Democratic Reforms Party, Whole Azerbaijan Popular Front Party, and Great Establishment Party have each won one seats.

Civil Solidarity Party chairman Sabir Hajiyev has participated in the election of his own free will and won an MP mandate. In other words, political parties won 81 seats in this year’s parliamentary election. The number of the neutral that won seats is 43. Chingiz Asadullayev, who had been the leading candidate in Aghdash Constituency No. 90 where the results were annulled, was a neutral candidate.

Note that, in the election for the parliament’s 4th convocation in 2010, political parties won 83 seats (New Azerbaijan Party 71, Civil Solidarity Party 3, Motherland Party 2, Democratic Reforms Party 1, 1 Whole Azerbaijan Popular Front Party, Great Establishment Party 1, Civil Solidarity Party 1, Justice Party 1, Azerbaijan Social Welfare Party 1, Hope Party 1). The number of the neutrals that won seats was 42.

So the Hope Party and Justice Party have been deprived of occupying seats in parliament. The Azerbaijan Democratic Enlightenment Party and the Azerbaijan Social Democratic Party have won seats in parliament.

One of the candidates (Zeynab Khanlarova) having won MP mandates has secondary education, while the remaining 123 are high-educated.


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