Police commissioner and civilian killed in clashes in Turkey’s Cizre

A police commissioner and a civilian were killed during clashes between terrorist Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militants and Turkish security forces in the tense Cizre district of southeastern Sirnak province on Wednesday.

The police commissioner, Umut Tuncay, was seriously injured when a group of PKK terrorists opened fire on a police vehicle which was patrolling on İpek Road near the Yafes neighborhood on Wednesday. The injured commissioner died at Cizre State Hospital. Police then launched an operation in the neighborhood following the attack and briefly closed Ipek Road.

Family of Tuncay deplored after police officers informed them about death of their son in Ankara. A tent was set up in front of their house to receive condolences. The officer will be laid to rest following a funeral prayer at Kocatepe Mosque.


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