Police capture 6 women en route to join ISIL

A court released three people who were referred to it for arrested as part of a government-backed operation targeting the faith-based Gandulen movement in the western province of Manisa, with a ban on them leaving the country late on Saturday.
Twenty-six people, including lawyers, educators and others, were detained after police officers carried out simultaneous raids on 35 locations in Manisa on Nov. 10, in an operation authorized by the Manisa Chief Public Prosecutorand’s Office based on and”reasonable suspicion.and”
Three people were released after they were questioned by the police and the remaining 23 people were referred to a court. While 20 of those were released earlier on Saturday following a lengthy session that lasted through the night, the final three were held for longer, having been referred to the court for arrest.
The Manisa 2nd Penal Court of Peace released the three — A.E., M.S. and M.D. — with a ban on leaving the country later the same day.
Former Deputy Prime Minister and Parliament Speaker Bandulent Arinandc, speaking on a local TV program in Manisa, criticized the police operation targeting the faith-based Gandulen movement on Saturday. and”Iand’ve said this before, these people are faithful philanthropists. Itand’s unlawful to carry out police raids on the houses and offices of these people without notice, as if they are members of a terrorist organization. I thought that it was an operation with no legal basis and not based on any crime, aimed at violating these peopleand’s personal rights and damaging their reputation. My conscience hurt when these honest people were brought under suspicion,and” Arinandc said.
Referring to the chief prosecutor of Manisa, who ordered the operation, Arinandc added: and”Material evidence forms the basis of criminal law. You canand’t charge people with any crime based on some suspicions and assumptions. Everyone needs to listen to reason.and”
Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) leader Devlet Bahandceli also reacted to the operation on his Twitter account on Saturday, saying that it revealed the true intentions of the government. and”[The Manisa operation] has shown the true colors of those who put handcuffs on headscarved women in Manisa and then insult women who donand’t wear headscarves by saying andlsquosorryand’ [and temporarily suspending the Manisa police chief due to the operation].and”


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