Plane make emergency landing as asthma patient feel ill

An Istanbul bound plane on Saturday was given landing priority when one of its asthma patient passengers fell ill over Istanbul’s skies. The first aid to the patient was provided by a doctor who was also travelling in the same plane.

The incident took place when an asthma patient passenger travelling in a Boeing 737-800 Turkish Airlines passengers plane with TK2659 flight number during its Sivas-Istanbul voyage. When the patient health condition deteriorated, a doctor in the same plane provided first aid to ill passenger while cabin crew informed the situation to pilot.


As soon as taken the information about the patient, pilot contacted with control tower of International Ataturk Airport and demanded landing priority. “Our asthma patient passenger has low blood pressure. We have doctor in the cabin. Doctor is frequently checking the blood pressure. If it possible we would like to land on as soon as possible sir,” said pilot during his contact with air traffic controllers in the tower.

Pilot who got the landing priority from air traffic controllers, then, safely landed on İstanbul International Ataturk Airport at 13:24 Turkish Local Time (GMT:11:24). During the landing the health condition of the passenger has turned normal.


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