Peru Congress set up friendship group with Azerbaijan

By: Amina Nazarli

Peru Congress has set up a group of friendship with Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijani embassy in Mexico.

Elias Rodriguez Zavaleta, the head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of Peru Congress noted the importance of strengthening inter-parliamentary cooperation between the two countries in a letter sent to the Azerbaijani embassy.

Zavaleta stressed that the establishment of the friendship group is an historic event, which contributes to the development of relations between the two sides.

Peru and Azerbaijan are interested in mutual relations. The two states are expected in the near future to hold business forums and cultural events for the development of the relations.

Earlier in 2014, the Azerbaijani Parliament approved the agreement canceling visa requirements for people in the diplomatic service or owners of special passports between Azerbaijan and Peru.

In 2013 the Peruvian Parliament made a decision on the Khojaly genocide committed by the Armenian vandals in 1992, and recognized the attack as a genocide act against Azerbaijani people.


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