Permanent Mission of Azerbaijan to OSCE issues statement on parliamentary election

Baku: “Self-isolation of the ODIHR and OSCE Parliamentary Assembly from the election process in Azerbaijan today leaves no space for any meaningful discussions on their role in parliamentary elections,” says the statement on the November 1 parliamentary election issued by the Delegation of the Republic of Azerbaijan at the 1075th Meeting of the Permanent Council.

“In fact, we consider this matter for the OSCE as the missed opportunity to assist Azerbaijan in the election process, as it is envisaged by the mandate of ODIHR. As the issue of violation by the Director of ODIHR of his mandate is concerned, the position of the Government and leadership of Azerbaijan is very well known 2 and have repeatedly been communicated by our Delegation to the OSCE Permanent Council over the last two months. We have been open and constructive with the ODIHR in order to remedy the consequences of violation of the mandate. Our Delegation has repeatedly suggested to ODIHR to continue cooperation with Azerbaijan on the election. We tried to convince the ODIHR that the decision to cancel the election observation in Azerbaijan will set a negative precedent of violation of its mandate. Unfortunately, ODIHR did not heed our appeals and refused to cooperate with Azerbaijan on this election. Such an attitude by the ODIHR essentially undermines any prospects for cooperation with this institution until the situation is rectified.

According to the findings of international observer missions, including the Election Observation Missions of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, CIS and TURKPA the elections were free, fair and democratic with a high voter turnout, thus reflecting the will of the Azerbaijani nation.

In conclusion, I wish to stress that Azerbaijan looks forward to continue its cooperation with the OSCE Institutions and OSCE participating States, including the EU member States, in accordance with the agreed decisions and on the basis of the OSCE principles,” says the statement.


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