People pray for Turkmens after Friday prayer in southern Turkey

Non-governmental organizations’ representatives held a support rally for Bayir-Bucak Turkmens, who fight at Turkey’s Yayladag border, in the southeastern district of Yayladag on Friday. After the Friday prayer in Yayladag central mosque, the imam of Antakya Habibi Neccar Mosque, Fatih Ugras prayed for the Turkmens.

Walking towards the center of the district with Turkish flags, Turkmen flags and banners, people chanted slogans against Assad forces and Russia. Also, Ukraine-rooted Russian journalist Roman Bochkala supported the rally carrying Turkish and Turkmen flags with him.

Holding a press release at the center of district, the Hatay representative of Confederation of Public Servants Trade Unions (Memur-Sen), Hasan Urhan stated that Turkmens were not alone and “We condemn the Russian attacks against our Turkmen brothers. We stand with them. They are not alone,” also added Urhan.

After the press release, a funeral prayer in absentia was prayed for the Turkmens, who were killed in attacks.


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