People in Turkey spend TL 655 in shopping malls per month

According to the research, people go to shopping malls between once or twice a week, spending an average of 2.5 hours and between TL 50 and 200.

While only 11 percent of survey respondents spend less than TL 50 in shopping malls, 39 percent of them spend between TL 51 and 100. Additionally, 31 percent of those participating spend between TL 101 and 200, while 19 percent spend more than TL 201.

While 72 percent of respondents say they go to shopping malls between one and three times a week, 22 percent go to malls at least once a week. Only 5 percent of people surveyed go to shopping malls less than once a week.

The research also showed that while 12 percent of respondents spend less than an hour in malls, 15 percent spend between four and six hours. A mere 1 percent spends more than seven hours in malls.

As for the reasons to visit shopping malls, 91 percent of survey participants go to the mall to do shopping and 50 percent also prefer to eat or watch a movie while there.

The research also reveals that 62 percent of respondents go to malls on special occasions like Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Day. Moreover, 18 percent choose to go to malls to attend events that spark their interest, such as autograph sessions with celebrities or concerts.

Furthermore, 74 percent of those surveyed attach importance to the variety of the shops in the mall, with 46 percent of them preferring to go to malls closer to their homes. Finally, 29 percent opt for malls located in their favorite neighborhoods.


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