People begin cast their votes in eastern Turkey

Turkish people have begun to cast their votes by the 07:00 p.m. in eastern Turkish province Bitlis on Sunday.

A total of 190,203 voters will cast their votes in 807 ballot boxes across Bitlis. Voting process is scheduled to end at 16:00 a.m.

Necati Cinik, a voter stating that he has arrived to poll point for voting at the early hours of Sunday. “I hope this election ensures peace and welfare for the country,” said in his statement.

The Turkish general election of November 2015 began throughout the 85 electoral districts of Turkey to elect 550 members to the Grand National Assembly. It is the 25th general election in the history of the Turkish Republic and will elect the country’s 26th Parliament.

The snap election was called by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on 24 August 2015 after coalition negotiations between the governing Justice and Development Party (AKP) and the opposition broke down, amid claims that a vast number of AKP politicians favored calling an early election rather than going into coalition. The previous general election held in June 2015 had resulted in a hung parliament, with the AKP falling 18 seats short of a majority. The election, which was dubbed as a’re-run’ of the inconclusive June election by Erdogan, will be the 7th early election in the history of Turkish multi-party politics and the first to be overseen by an interim election government. The election will render the 25th Parliamentary session, elected in June 2015, the shortest in the Grand National Assembly’s history, lasting for just five months and being in session for a total of 33 hours.


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