Partisan trustees at seized Turkish firm feast on high salaries

In yet another example of nepotism within state bodies, an Ankara court turns out to have appointed the brother of the Turkish Justice Academy (TAA)hairperson as a trustee of the management of three companies within the recently seized Koza ipek Holding.
The TAA serves as the training center for the Ministry of Justice, giving occupational education to judge and prosecutor candidates.
Mustafa Akandcil, the brother of TAA President Yusuf Akandcil, will be paid TL 30,000 a month for his role on the board of Koza Altin iiletmeleri and Koza Anadolu Metal Madencilik iiletmeleri along with his management of Koza ipek Holding.
Akandciland’s appointment violates the law prescribing the impartiality of the trustees in such takeovers, given that his brother, Yilmaz Akandcil, is the head of the TAA and known for his vociferous pro-government opinions. Yilmaz Akandcil, the head of the TAA, came to public attention in April of this year when he has threatened judges who previously issued a stay of execution in the cases in which hundreds of police officers were dismissed by the government and ruled reinstate the police officers to their former posts, Todayand’s Zaman learnt.
andquotIf you continue to issue such stays of execution, then you will also be partner of the [terrorist] organization,andquot the TAA head reportedly said. His words were a reference to the and’parallel state,and’ a term invented by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to categorize all those who criticize his rule as criminals. and”In this case, anything can happen to you, including being fired from your positions. Donand’t take my remarks as a threat but as a recommendation from your older brother,andquot Yilmaz Akandcil was quoted as saying by some attendees of the workshop, Todayand’s Zaman learned.
In a controversial move on Oct. 26, leading business conglomerate Koza ipek Holding, which has among its subsidiaries four media outlets critical of the government, was put under administrative receivership on the suspicion of financing terrorism.
Similar investigations initiated in the recent past have sought legal proceedings against several government critics for allegedly supporting a so-called terror organization, the Fethullah Gandulen terrorist organization (FETandO). Gandulen is a Turkish Muslim cleric in self-imposed exile in the US, against whom President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his close circle have been pursuing an intimidation campaign since corruption allegations that implicated many, including Erdoganand’s son, were launched in late 2013.
Almost all trustees appointed to Koza ipek Holding have in fact turned out to be partisan figures, media reports have revealed.
While Handudai Bal, the former manager of the aertising department at the pro-government Turkuvaz Media Group, and andumit andOnal, former executive in the same department, were nominated to work as trustees at Koza ipek Holdingand’s media company. Arif Yalandcin, a member of the andcankaya district council of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) was also appointed to the boards of five other companies in the holding.
Yasin Kalem, the former aiser to the Energy Ministry, is also among those controversial trustees, along with Ali Yazli, a city council member for andumraniye Municipality of Istanbul representing the AK Party Nevzat DemirandOz, the head of the AK Partyand’s district branch in the Beylikdanduzandu district of Istanbul and Hikmet Kelei, the former vice chair of the AK Partyand’s provincial branch in andcorum.
The trustees are paid TL 10,000 a month for each company they are tasked to work at and their salaries total as much as TL 790,000.


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