Parliamentarians visit university campus in fallout of sexual harassment case

Republican Peopleand’s Party (CHP) deputy Selina Dogan and pro-Kurdish Peoplesand’ Democratic Party (HDP) deputy Filiz Kerestecioilu visited the campus of Istanbul University on Thursday to hold an open forum with female students in the light of a series of allegations against a professor who is accused of sexually harassing close to 20 students.
Protests have been taking place at Istanbul University in the past week against Dr. Murat Ali Karavelioilu, an associate professor in the department of Turkish language and literature. In one demonstration, students threw purple paint at the entrance of the department and wrote, and”Harassment is [taking place] here.and”
and”Nearly 20 complaints have been filed against the academic. Many people have been harassed verbally, physically and over the Internet,and” student Ayie Barcin said, according to the Handurriyet daily.
Dogan noted on her official Facebook page that there had previously been a case of a security guard sexually harassing a student on the campus, in addition to the recent incidents with the professor. Mustafa andOzcan, the dean of the Faculty of Letters, is said to have responded to studentsand’ complaints by saying, and”If women didnand’t wag their tails, then this wouldnand’t have happened.and”


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