Parliament-2015 Election Monitoring Coalition publishes next report

By: Aynur Karimova

The Parliament-2015 Election Monitoring Coalition has published its second report on the November 1 parliamentary elections.

Rufiz Gonagov, the Coordinator of the Coalition, and the chairman of the International Relations Research Center said on November 2 that some 500 observers were sent to 118 constituencies to monitor the elections.

“The observers were monitoring the preparation for elections, voting process, counting of votes, writing of the protocols and the results,” he noted. “The parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan were held in an excellent manner. No serious violation of law has been recorded during the election process.”

Other members of the Coalition – Chairman of Centre for Economic and Social Development Vugar Bayramov, chairman of the Applied Research Foundation Ibrahim Aliyev, chairman of “Karabakh” Research Center Elchin Ahmadov, chairman of the Azerbaijan Students Union Elvin Aslanov also participated in the press conference.

The Parliament-2015 election monitoring coalition will issue three reports on the results of the elections monitoring process in Azerbaijan.

The first interim report was presented on October 30, while the last report will be made public after the results of the November 1 parliamentary elections officially announced.

The coalition consists of five non-governmental organizations: the International Relations Research Center (Chairman Rufiz Gonagov), “Karabakh” Research Center (Chairman Elchin Ahmadov), Centre for Economic and Social Development (Chairman Vugar Bayramov), the Applied Research Foundation (Chairman Ibrahim Aliyev) and the Azerbaijan Students Union (Chairman Elvin Aslanov).

Azerbaijan held parliamentary elections to the parliament on November 1. As many as 503 international observers from 40 organizations and over 66,000 local observers watched the parliamentary election in Azerbaijan.

This year some 767 candidates are running for 125 seats in the country’s supreme legislative body.

The CEC has already declared election valid at all the polling stations. It has also announced the preliminary results of the election. According to the results, the voter turnout at the election was 55.7 percent.

Over 2.89 million voters cast their ballots during the election, which is six percent more than in the previous elections.


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