Over 75 percent of Turkish youth think bribery is natural

ISTANBUL (CIHAN)- A recent poll has revealed that 75.7 percent of Turkish youth believe taking bribes to make a living is understandable and natural.

The Young Entrepreneurs and Governance Association (GGYD) on Tuesday announced the results of its Youth Survey, in which 1,783 young people from Ankara participated. The survey found that 75.7 percent of those surveyed responded positively to the question “Taking bribes to make a living is natural. Would you agree with this comment?” The survey also found that 30.4 percent believe that wealth is the most important factor in one’s reputation.

Of the respondents, 53.5 percent were men and 46.7 percent were women 67.4 of those surveyed were aged 14-18 and 32.6 percent 25-30. Students made up 33.2 percent of the respondents, and 30.5 percent of respondents were unemployed, with 29.5 percent employed.

In response to the question “What does reputation mean to you?” 30.5 percent of respondents answered “money” 26.6 percent said “power” 21.1 percent said “office” and 15.4 percent replied “respectability.”

Nearly three-fourths — 72.5 percent — of the young people polled said being the executive of an important company “is more important” than being an expert in one’s field.

In a section of the survey evaluating the outlook of Turkey’s young people on the future, 84.2 percent of respondents said they did not believe that Turkey would be accepted into the EU in the next 15 years 87.2 percent said Turkey’s level of development will not increase 85.3 percent said the country’s problems in education will not be solved and 90.7 percent said the problem of unemployment will not be tackled within the next 15 years.


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