Outstanding Georgian artist to open his exhibition in Baku

By: Amina Nazarli

Baku’s Museum of Modern Art will host a solo exhibition entitled “POSTCARD” by famous Georgian artist Mamuka Tsetskhladze on November 7.

The exhibition will last until December 5.

Tsetskhladze was born in 1960 in Tbilisi. He graduated from Art Academy of Georgia in 1986.

The artist is very well known in Azerbaijan, since he repeatedly showcased his beautiful pictures in Baku. He had been in Baku forty years ago, when he was thirteen year old boy and Mamuka fell in love with the ancient city.

Today he is a famous artist not just in his motherland but, all over the world. His works are kept in the collections of most prominent museums.

He has featured his art works in Germany, Hungary, France, Italy and other countries. The artist’s most loved series is “Cities”, which includes 50 paintings.

The paintings of the artist is like an open window from modernity with its widely expressionist style to the calm past times. Original color contrasts, alternating fast strokes bring to the Mamuka’s picturesque urban landscapes the sense of ” instantaneous “, as if the real presence of the artist, hurrying to capture a moment, this short transient state of the sky, buildings, factories…

The Modern Art Museum, located at the Yusif Safarov street 5, gives the visitors a new vision of the contemporary art through numerous exhibitions it holds around the year. Visitors of this place can get familiarized with works of painters and sculptors mainly working in avant-garde, whose names are heard in Azerbaijan and abroad.

The museum basis consists of the collection of the best paintings and sculptures of Azerbaijan from second half of the 20th century up to now.

The collection shows aspirations, strivings and freedom of human soul in the single organism of the museum. This multi- dimensional structure creates the effect of a labyrinth.

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