Our international image after Soma disaster

Our international image after Soma disasterThe Soma mine disaster is the biggest issue about Turkey that is being closely followed by the world mediaForeign news agencies, television stations and newspapers have covered the story from the first minute. Leading international media outlets have sent their reporters to Soma This close attention stemmed from the humanitarian aspect of the incident and the high death toll, which could be seen as rare nowadays.

However, the world media later focused on the political aspect of the incident. The reason for this focus is the attitude Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoIan took against protests during his Soma visit.

ErdoIan’s reaction, his aiser kicking a protester, the police using water cannons against demonstrators in Soma and lawyers who visited Soma being detained by the police have all damaged Turkey’s image around the world. Fixing a country’s international image can only be achieved by fixing the situation in the country.


SOURCE: Today’s Zaman

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