OsmanlI OcaklarI slams Ottoman period drama for its depiction of life in palace

The president of the neo-Ottoman Osmanli Ocaklari (Ottoman Hearths) group, Kadir Canpolat, has strongly criticized the television series and”Muhteiem Yanduzyil: KandOsemand” (Magnificent Century: KandOsem) for its supposedly inaccurate depiction of life in the imperial Ottoman palace.
Speaking about the first episode of the period drama — whose title KandOsem is a reference to KandOsem Sultan, a powerful female figure in Ottoman history — Canpolat recently stated that his organization had received many complaints about the show, according to the CNN Tandurk news website. and”Enough! They have mocked the legacy and culture of this nation. We should begin to take democratic action across the country so that this series is taken off the air,andquot Canpolat said.
The show is a historical fiction series based on the lives of imperial characters of the Ottoman Empire.
Canpolat further said: and”The Turkish Republic, which has accepted responsibility for andhellip the Ottoman Empire, must take responsibility for Ottoman culture and accurate historical depictions. The Magnificent Century show is an outright mockery of our civilization.and”
andquotOttoman Hearths will not forgive those who create this series and those in the field of arts and culture who turn a blind eye to it. As the leader of the Ottoman Hearths, I insist that people do not watch it and similar shows that give a bad impression [of the Ottoman Empire],and” he said.
Canpolat is an open supporter of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and recently made headlines when the he stated that the members of the association are soldiers in shrouds for Erdogan and were ready to die for him.
Asked about his declaration of full support for the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) prior to the Nov. 1 snap general election, Canpolat said that it was the only party that protects the Ottoman legacy. and”Do the other parties protect it? Of course not,and” Canpolat said.
Canpolat has a criminal record, being among six people detained over an alleged plot to kill Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to Turkey in November 2006. He was later released following questioning. Police were on alert after Father Andrea Santoro, a Catholic priest, was killed at the Santa Maria Church in Trabzon earlier that year. Another suspect who was detained along with Canpolat was Mustafa andOztandurk, who was later tried in the case over the 2007 assassination of Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink. When police asked andOztandurk if he knew Canpolat, he said he knew him from Alperen Ocaklari, the youth branch of the Grand Unity Party (BBP).


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