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They were so angry because What could be more dreadful than living in a country where the prime minister punches citizens? Well, the answer is simple: living in a country where a citizen who was punched by the prime minister has to deny what happened to him And that is exactly what happened to a miner in Soma First, albeit anxiously, he came forward and stated with very carefully chosen words that he was punched by the prime minister, who, according to him, mistakenly thought he was a demonstrator I watched the video of this attack by the prime minister from some different angles. Well, to me it is clear that there was an attack there on someone, first by the prime minister, then by his bodyguards.

The victim now claims that the prime minster just moved forward to protect him and that people mistook this for the alleged attack. He must be in a terrified state: he, a poor miner versus the mighty prime minister Therefore, it is not surprising that he changed his statement in such a dramatic way.

Another tragicomical thing happened on the Soma front with the government beating miners. Yusuf Yerkel, an aiser to the prime minister, who was caught in photos and video recordings kicking a demonstrator in Soma, was given a medical report saying that his left foot was injured.

Doesn’t this report stir compassion in you for the aiser? Who knows how much he has suffered from his wounded foot? God knows how painful it must have been to kick a demonstrator lying in the street. One really becomes confused about for whom one should feel pity: the demonstrator on the ground or the aiser who kicked himAfter this incident, Yerkel explained to the press that he “could not keep calm due to provocation.

”Just a few days ago, a media outlet that supports the government released video footage of said “provocation.” In this video, we saw a demonstrator trying to kick a car maybe it was the car carrying the prime minister, I don’t know.

Then, in an instant, we saw the man being taken away by big police officers and all of a sudden the aiser comes out of nowhere and delivers a kick to the demonstratorHow can an aiser tolerate an assault of this magnitude — trying to kick a heavily armored car — on an official vehicle? Was his action not a kind of self-defense against an aggressor who put the very existence of the state in danger?Well, I know why the prime minister and his aiser are so angry with the protesters in Soma, site of the biggest and deadliest mine accident that Turkey has ever seen.Seeing no responsibility on their part (no matter how many warning reports were disregarded by the government, the lack of inspections, the endless support given this horrible production line through the guaranteed purchase of any amount of coal extracted and so on and so forth), they regarded their very presence in this small town of Soma after it was hit by the disaster as a privilege for the local people and the miners.

The miners should have been appreciative that their prime minister bothered to come to their town. The protests and anger in Soma were an unmistakable sign of the people’s ingratitude.

And of course, in their eyes, this ingratitude must not go unpunished.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman

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