Operation against ‘Hizmet movement’: 20 released, 3 arrested

A total of 20 were released, while three of the rest were arrested, who had been sent to “criminal judicature of peace” as part of an interrogation, conducted by Manisa Republic Prosecution Office, in western province of Manisa on Saturday.

The families and the relatives of released people wept for joy. Meanwhile, Republican People’s Party (CHP) Manisa Deputy Ozgur Ozel, CHP Manisa Deputy Tur Yildiz Bicer and the head of Manisa Bar Association Ali Arslan followed the interrogation process, which took long hours till the morning, for supporting the people.

The 23 people, who had been taken from their houses and shackled by the police as part of an interrogation conducted by Republican Prosecution Office, were dispatched to the 2nd criminal judicature of peace by the demand of arresting.

Making explanation to the journalists at the exit of court, the head of Manisa Bar Association Arslan, stated that 23 people had been dispatched to the court by the demand of arrest. Fahrettin Er, Faruk Aydin, Feramus Uygur, Hasan Gurhan Onat, Huseyin Cambel, Mehmet Erdogan, Menderes Hirciner, Mesut Yildirim, Muhittin Calimci, Semsettin Ayyildiz, Omer Yerkazanoglu and Ozer Yerkazanoglu were released following the judicial control. “Tugba Armagan Agsu, Emine Hacioglu, Tuba Zeybek, Mustafa Denktas, Ramiz Ureyen, Sultan Akkus and Veysel İndi were also released as a result of rejection of demand of arrest. Yuksel Arslan, Mehmet Kaya and Recep Kumcular were arrested,” also added said in his statement.

A bank employer Emine Hacioglu, one of the released people stated that she hope justice has been done! “But we had hard days. We did not deserve all the happenings. I and my other friends in bank had really hard days. But we were together. It made us strong. Thank God. I also thank to security officials. They really helped us,” noted in her speech.

An artisan Huseyin Cambel also stated that they were so sorry due to their friends who had not been released.

A released lawyer Menderes Hirciner thanked the head of Manisa Bar Arslan, lawyers and the colleagues, who follow the process since the beginning, and said they are glad to see here our supporters and lovers. “But we are sad to leave our three friends in here. We believe that they are also innocent,” said in his statement

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