One union, one boss, one minister, zero humanity

One union, one boss, one minister, zero humanityThese three are liable for the Soma mine disaster: Soma Holding, the operator of the mine the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government, which is responsible for regulating and inspecting workplaces, as well as the activities of the mining business and the Turkish Mine Workers’ Union, which is affiliated with the Turkish Confederation of Labor Unions (Turk-II). The first of these responsible for the accident is the boss of Soma Holding — because he allowed outsourcing, although he denied that there was any outsourcing in the mine because of the lack of safety measures and because he exploited labor with a passion for money.

However, my rage is not against the boss, as bosses are expected to be compassionate to their children and family. There might be a deadly accident even in a toy factory if it is not properly inspected.

What can curb bosses’ greed for money are well-organized union activities. Mine workers employed by Soma Holding and Imbat Inc.

are all members of the Turkish Mine Workers’ Union. This union is not perceived as a “real union,” as it works to benefit the employer (KORAY ALIIKAN, RADIKAL.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman

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