One more contract on SCP expansion signed in Baku

Bakı: The Shah Deniz and South Caucasus Pipeline consortia are pleased to announce that they are moving forward at pace with the awards of one more key contract for the South Caucasus Pipeline Expansion (SCPX) projects on construction of pipleine.

APA-Economics reports that 14 contracts have been announced and these are indicating that Shahdeniz 2 project is developing under the schedule. As most of key contracts have been signed, the works in the sites in Baku have already been started.

BP Vice-President on Shahdeniz 2 Development Joan Drummond said that most of contracts on expansion of pipeline and the works to be carried out for construction of surface plants in Azerbaijan and Georgia have already been signed: “Construction will be profitable for both Azerbaijan and Georgia. This is a progress”.

Contract on construction of Azerbaijani and Georgia part of the pipelines have been given to Saipem and Azfen companies. Worth of the contract is $735 mln. THE works are planned to start in January, 2015. Mechanically completion of the Georgian part of the pipeline is planned for end of 2016, in Azerbaijani part for end of 2017.


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