Number and average monthly salary of workers in Azerbaijan’s economy announced

Baku: As of October 1, 2015, number of hired workers in Azerbaijan’s economy made 1,506,300, of which 877,100 are in state sector, 629,200 in non-state sector.

According to State Statistical Committee, 22.2% hired workers worked in education, 18.9% in trade, repair of transport facilities, 12.1% in industry, 8.8% in medical and social service for population, 6.6% in construction, 4.9% in transport and storehouse, 3.9% in professional, scientific and technical activity, 3.0% in agriculture, forestry and fishery, 1.8% in information and communication and 17.8% in other spheres.

Average monthly salary of the hired workers rose 4.4% to AZN 461.1.


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