Norms in working places should be reviewed, says President Gul

MANISA (CIHAN)- President Abdullah Gul who visited mine explosion site in the western province of Manisa stated that norms in working places should be reviewed as in the developed countries.

Gul spoke to press members after he visited injured miners at Akhisar State Hospital and mine site. “This sorrow is all ours. We face with a great tragedy. We have to show a huge solidarity to bind up the wounds,” said the president.

Wishing to end of such disasters, Gul said “We have to review all the norms the same way to reduce the risks of such pain to the same level as developed countries. No doubt, everything necessary will be done so as not to suffer such pain ever again,” he said.

After the statement, Gul left the mine site. According to latest reports, the number of the killed miners increased to 282.


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