Nokta magazine’s columnist faces probe for ‘insulting’ ErdoIan

At least 10 reporters, some from the Dicle News Agency (DiHA) and iMC TV, were detained by police officers on Friday after being assaulted in the Ercii district of the province of Van.
iframe frameborder=”0″ height=”310″ scrolling=”no” src=”” width=”550iframe Video footage circulated on social media on Friday showing the reporters being assaulted by the police officers before they were detained, and the Turkish media reported that their cameras were seized. The video also showed that the police tried to put handcuffs on the reporters. A reporter from iMC TV, Bekir Gandunei, said on his Twitter account, and”We were detained in Ercii after being assaulted. Now they are taking us to the police station.and”


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