Nokta magazine latest edition to be withdrawn from shelves

The Nokta magazine in Turkey was subject on Monday to a decision by the Istanbul 5th Penal Court of Peace, which led to its 24th edition being withdrawn from shelves and two of its editors being detained by police officers.
Police notified the magazine of the decision to pull the publication from shelves after going to its headquarters on Monday, a day after the parliamentary election which gave the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) enough votes to form a single party government.
Nokta, which is known for its critical stance toward the government, announced the decision on its website, saying that the police took all of the magazines at its headquarters and also started to gather the issues already out at distribution centers.
Noktaand’s cover features a picture of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and shows the date Nov. 2 as and”the start of Turkeyand’s civil war.and”
It was also stated on the magazineand’s website that Noktaand’s Editor-in-Chief Cevheri Ganduven and responsible manager and the representative of the owner Murat andcapan were detained after a decision by the Istanbul Public Prosecutorand’s Office.
The prosecutor who launched the investigation into the magazine, Umut Tepe, has in the past launched several investigations into journalists over their tweets. He also was responsible for Todayand’s Zaman Editor-in-Chief Bandulent Kenei being arrested on Oct. 10 by referring him to court for arrest over tweets which the prosecutor alleged insulted Erdogan. Kenei was released on Oct. 14.
Nokta was raided by police and its distribution was halted on Sept, 14 because it featured a cover showing a selfie being taken by Erdogan. Erdogan was depicted as smiling while taking a selfie with the flag-draped coffin of a soldier in the background. The cover was a reaction to Erdoganand’s remarks during a soldierand’s funeral: and”We bid a farewell to our martyr who we believe has reached martyrdom. How happy is his family, how happy are his nearest and dearest!and”


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