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The famous Yildiz Palace, which was once the center of administration for Ottoman sultans in the last decades of the empire, will be restored and used by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as his work office in Istanbul, a columnist wrote on Sunday.
According to historian Murat Bardakandci, a columnist for the Habertandurk daily, Yildiz Palace, in Istanbuland’s Beiiktai district, will be used by Erdogan after all the buildings in the palace complex are emptied and renovated. Some of the buildings in the palace are currently being rented by different companies and used as a hotel, a restaurant and meeting centers.

span style=”font-size:12pxGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan are seen during their meeting in Yildiz Palace on Oct.18. (Photo: Presidency Office via Cihan)
The Mabeyn Kiosk was recently restored in accordance with its original plan and given to the Presidency to use in October. Erdogan also hosted German Chancellor Angela Merkel at this palace venue on Oct. 19.
and”The entire palace will be transferred to the Presidency, after a comprehensive restoration of other buildings presently allocated to [other companies], and Yildiz [Palace] will be viewed by the public as the Istanbul Kandulliye [complex] of the Presidency, a century on from Sultan Abdandulhamid II,and” Bardakandci wrote.
President Erdogan refers to the presidential palace in Ankaraand’s Beitepe neighborhood as andquota kandulliye.andquot The word was used in the Ottoman era to refer to a complex of buildings around a mosque that are generally run by a foundation for charitable purposes.
Yildiz Palace was used by Sultan Abdandulhamid II as a residence and as the center of the Ottoman Empireand’s administration for 30 years after it was opened in 1880. The palace was also used by Sultan Vahdettin — the last sultan of the Ottoman Empire — from 1918 to 1922.
Located on a hill comprising natural woodlands, the palace is a complex of buildings including the State Apartments (Banduyanduk Mabeyn), the iale Pavilion, the Malta Pavilion, the andcadir Pavilion, the Yildiz Theater and the Opera House, alongside the Yildiz Palace Museum and Imperial Porcelain Factory. The Yildiz Palace Gardens, which have a view of the Bosporus, are also a popular public site for Istanbul residents.
The presidential palace in Ankara has been at the center of criticism based on its lavish budget spent during its construction and for its more than 1,000-strong staff. When it was opened on Oct. 29, 2014, it cost TL 1.37 billion ($615 million). The palace was constructed illegally inside the Atatandurk Forestry Farm (AOandc) in Ankara on an area of 300,000 square meters, after 3,000 trees were cut down and 10,000 more were relocated.
Erdogan also has offices in the Huber Kiosk, in Istanbuland’s Tarabya neighborhood, the Vahdettin Mansion in anduskandudar and Dolmabahandce Palace in Beiiktai.


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