No obstacle for Azerbaijan’s agricultural products supply to Russia

By: Nigar Orujova

The problem with supply of agricultural products from Azerbaijan to Russia, caused by the introduction of tolls on federal highways for trucks weighing over 12 tons, is completely eliminated, Deputy Minister of Economy and Industry, Sahib Mammadov told Trend on November 27.

“More than 120 wagons, out of 180 wagons with agricultural products, which are on a cargo station Derbent, have already been unloaded,” said Mammadov, who is currently in Derbent.

The Azerbaijani delegation headed by the deputy minister went to Derbent to resolve problems with the supply of agricultural products from Azerbaijan.

“Work continues around the clock, and the remaining 60 cars will be unloaded until tomorrow. Most of the cargo consists of persimmon, and the rest are apples.”

The deputy minister noted that a small part of the production has deteriorated due to downtime given that these agricultural products are perishable goods.

“Prime Minister of Dagestan Abdusamadov Gamidov assured that all measures are taken, and work is underway to prevent similar incidents in the future. The issue is being discussed not only at the government level of Dagestan, but also at the level of the Russian government,” Mammadov noted.

Azerbaijan’s agricultural exports, which are of great interest to Russia, faced obstacles on the border due to the introduction of fees on the federal highways of Russia for trucks weighing over 12 tons.

Fees for trucks weighing more than 12 tons entered into the force in Russia from November 15. Protests of truckers across the country started from November 11. The situation returned to normal after a meeting of the Prime Minister of Dagestan with truckers, who went on strike.

High quality Azerbaijani products have been in demand in neighboring countries for quite some time; however, the country did not previously have the capacity to export these products in large quantities.

The share of Azerbaijani goods in Russia’s total import is 0.26 percent, while the figure is 2.2 percent among the imports from the CIS countries.

Today, based on the agreements reached in last summer, Azerbaijan has significantly increased the supply of agricultural products including fruits and vegetables to Russia.

Azerbaijan’s opportunities to export to Russian market can also rise from the next year, as Russia will ban importing Ukrainian food products from January 2016.


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