Nineteen officials of the Ministry of National Security arrested

Baku: Investigative operational actions due to a criminal case in connection with acts of abuse of official powers and other offences committed by different officials of the Ministry of National Security are underway.

As a result of the investigation carried out by the Investigation Department for Grave Crimes of the General Prosecutor’s Office, in connection with a number of complaints addressed from entrepreneurs and different citizens to the Administration of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Prosecutor General’s Office, there were sufficient evidences on abuse of chiefs and other employees of a number of main departments, departments, divisions of the Ministry of National Security for its official powers, abuse of authority in connection with performance of official duties, unlawful interference in the activities of business entities by secret wiretaps, secret plunder of another’s property with the use of electron data carriers and information technologies, tracking businessmen in the city of Baku and different regions of the country, delivering them to the administrative building of the Ministry and illegal imprisonment, receiving bribes, threatening and plundering large amounts of cash, movable and immovable property, the Prosecutor General’s Office told APA.

Former head of the main department of the Ministry Akif Chovdarov, entered into a criminal relationship with under his command the heads of departments and divisions Akif Aliyev, Orkhan Mammadov and Salim Osmanov, conducted illegal operations. It has been established that they are forcibly brought entrepreneurs in administrative buildings ministries and by threats of violence, imprisonment, arrest, demanded to give them a large sum of money, gold items, both movable and immovable property.

As a result of the criminal actions of this group entrepreneurs I. Gasimov, N.Orujov, T.Ibragimov, D. Safarov, S.Gurbanova, F.Zulfugarov, Kerimov, E.Hajiyev, Adilov G. and others were arrested illegally. Businessmen beaten and threatened them with long prison terms, demanding from them large sums of money.

Businessmen were beaten and threatened with long prison terms, demanding from them large sums of money.

The investigation revealed that other senior Ministry of National Security official Subahir Gurbanov under the guise of protection, for four years collected money from the officials of the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies.

In addition, Subahir Gurbanov, together with his subordinates Zulfugar Aliyev, Natig Aliyev and Mammadov Zaur conducted an illegal search at businessman Z.Salmanov’s office, threatened with arrest and took a large sum of money. In a similar scheme, this criminal group has appropriated the money from businessmen K.Seyfullayev, Heydar Aliyev, A.Kerimov, E.Ibadov, S. Majidov, E. Mirzayev and others.

While investigating the criminal activity of the former deputy head of the Main Department of the Ministry of National Security Ilgar Aliyev and his deputy Azer Mehdiyev, the fact of intimidation of a businessman M.Mahmudov, which they took a large sum of money, was established. It is currently investigated the complaints of other entrepreneurs who have been victims of Ilgar Aliyev and Azer Mehdiyev.

Investigators have evidence of illegal wiretapping of businessmen that were realized by the former head of department of the National Security Ministry Teymur Guliyev and Natavan Murvatova, as well as other high-ranking officials of the Ministry Elshad Azizov Anar Shiraliyev, Farhad Atayev and Eshgin Aliyev.

In total, currently 57 people were victims by the illegal actions of former employees of the National Security Ministry. However, the investigating authorities continue to investigate the appeals by businessmen.

In total, the investigation involved 21 people and a preventive measure in the form of arrest has been chosen for 19 people.


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