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The Vodafone Istanbul Marathon is entering its 37th year with ever-increasing excitement and festivities as it kicks off at 9 a.m. on the Anatolian side of Istanbul on Sunday.
The event, which is distinct as it is the only marathon to span two continents, is one of the few times of the year that the Bosporus Bridge between Istanbuland’s Asian and European shores is open to pedestrian traffic. The race attracts up to 150,000 participants, including 25,000 international distance runners and people coming for the public fun-run.
and”Aside from being a significant sporting event, the Vodafone Istanbul Marathon is important for its role in turning Istanbul into a global brand,and” said the sponsor Vodafone Turkeyand’s board member Ender Buruk. and”We invite all citizens of Istanbul to meet on the Bosphorus Bridge on Sunday morning to cross from one continent to the other together and experience the festival excitement,and” he added.
The runners will take off from Altunizade on the Asian side, run over the bridge and through the bustling center of Istanbul. Running along the shore on the European side, contestants and fun-runners will run past Dolmabahandce Palace in Beiiktai through KarakandOy and over the Golden Horn into the old city. From there, marathon participants will pass the cityand’s major historic attractions, including the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace. The runners will cover the coast of the Marmara Sea up to BakirkandOy and the Golden Horn to Eyandup.
Courses differ for the marathon as there are the 15-kilometer and 10-kilometer races, as well as the 8-kilometer public run. The shorter runs will not travel along the Marmara coast.
h2Last yearand’s winnersh2 Overall, Turks and Kenyans dominate the menand’s marathon with 11 wins each after 36 years. Kenyan Vincent Kiplagat set the course record at 2:10:42 in 2010. For women, Ethiopians and Russians have the most wins with six apiece. Ashu Kasim of Ethiopia also set the womenand’s record in 2010 at 2:27:27.
The Marathon winners last year were Ethiopian runner Amena Gobena, with a time of 2.28.46, for women and Hafid Chani of Morocco, with a time of 2.11.53, for men. Ethiopians Salomie Getnet (2:30:38) and Gebo Burka (2:12:23) were runners-up in the menand’s and womenand’s race, respectively. Ukraineand’s Olena Burkovska (2:31:32) and Kenyaand’s Michael Kiprop (2:12:39)ame in third.
In 2013, Kenyan Rebecca Kangogo Chesire (2.29.05) was the female winner and Ethiopian Siraj Gena Amda (2:13:19) was the menand’s after the original winner Abraham Kiprotich was disqualified for doping. Ethiopiaights, such as receiving compensation, are being prevented.andquot
He further commented that the trustees made their proposal to journalists who are not actively using any social media networks, saying: andquotMy colleagues are stunned by such a proposal. We are not working for an intelligence body but for a newspaper. But the trustees have turned the daily into a unit of the intelligence organization.andquot
Although trustees appointed in such cases should be independent of any political party, figures close to the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) — such as AK Party Beylikdanduzandu branch head Nevzat DemirandOz and AK Party andumraniye City Council member Ali Yazli — have been appointed as the trustees of Koza ipek Holdingand’s companies.
The interim AK Party government has long been accused by many of trying to silence those who are critical of it in an attempt to cover up its wrongdoings. The seizing of one of Turkeyand’s few critical media groups came less than a week before for Nov. 1 snap election, in which the AK Party won back its majority in Parliament that it lost in the June 7 parliamentary election.


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