New YK regulation to pave way for arbitrary closure of universities

Residents of the tense district of Nusaybin in the southeastern province of Mardin, where a curfew imposed on Nov. 13 has reached its seventh day, say they are fed up being caught between the fires of security forces and the terrorist Kurdistan Workersand’ Party (PKK). The authorities placed Nusaybin under a round-the-clock curfew on Nov. 13 that remains in place as security forces continue to clear trenches and barricades from the streets. Speaking to Todayand’s Zaman, residents say they are feeling desperate over the ongoing intense clashes and the several-day-long curfew in their district. Locals speak of feeling trapped amid the clashes, saying their connection to the outside world has been completely cut off due to the curfew. Power in the district has been cut for days and people are suffering from a food and water shortage. In order to solve the water problem in the district, municipal workers are distributing drinking water to locals. Constant gunshots and explosions can be heard from four neighborhoods under curfew in the district as clashes between the Patriotic Revolutionary Youth Movement (YDG-H) — an affiliate of the terrorist PKK — and security forces have been intensifying with every passing day. Two-meter-high walls were built by YDG-H members on streets in some areas in Nusaybin to prevent security forces from entering the neighborhoods. Those walls are being used by terrorists to take up positions during clashes. The terrorists use rockets, handmade weapons and rifles to target the security forces who attempt to enter the neighborhoods. One of the locals, Siracettin K., railed against the developments, saying: and”For heavenand’s sake, enough is enough! Why are you [referring to both sides] making life unbearable for us?and” and”The police come and say they want to remove the trenches dug by the PKK here. Okay but where were you when those trenches were being dug?and” he asked. Neriman K., another local, also spoke up against the several-day-long curfew in their district, telling Todayand’s Zaman they have been trapped in their homes for almost a week. and”Our children cannot sleep due to the constant gunshots that continue day and night. There are no phone signals or electricity. We cannot even receive any updates about our relatives staying in the same neighborhood as us. Why are they punishing us? We demand an explanation for this. Why are they oppressing us? A reasonable explanation must be given.and” In the meantime, one civilian was killed while another was injured during clashes in Nusaybin on Thursday. Yavuz Selim, who was injured on the street at Yeniiehir neighborhood, died in hospital on Friday. Apart from Selim, civilian Rabia Baitur was also injured. She is currently under treatment at the Nusaybin State Hospital.
h2CHP brings 12-day curfew in Silvan to Parliamentand’s agendah2 Main opposition Republican Peopleand’s Party (CHP) Deputy Chairman Sezgin Tanrikulu submitted on Friday a parliamentary question to Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoilu, asking about the curfew in the Silvan district of Diyarbakir that lasted for 12 days. The curfew was imposed on Nov. 2 and lifted on Nov. 14. Intense combat between security forces and the YDG-H beginning on Nov. 3 forced hundreds of families to flee their homes in the curfew zone. This latest curfew was the sixth time Silvan has been effectively paralyzed in the past three months, and it is not expected to be the last. Tanrikulu pointed out in his parliamentary question there were media reports that seven civilians were killed during the curfew in Silvan, adding heavy weaponry and tanks were used in the operations inside the districts during the curfew. He asked Davutoilu how many people were really killed in the operations in Silvan during the curfew, also querying how many of them were children or women. Pointing to media reports that security forces had opened fire on a cafe during the curfew in Silvan, Tanrikulu asked how the incident took place and why the cafe was attacked by security forces. He also asked whether an investigation had been launched into the incident.


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