New world waiting us after school years

By: Nazrin Gadimova

How was your feeling on the last day of school? You probably were worried because of being separated from your friends. But there is no doubt that the sense of long-awaited freedom was much stronger than others.

Last school bell is one of the most important event for students in Azerbaijan and some other post-Soviet countries. Annually, one can see the graduating students nearly everywhere.

Azerbaijan usually mark this traditional ceremony on May 31. A symbolic last bell is traditionally rung by a first-year primary school student.

All the participants wear classic school uniform or formal dresses. However, for girls it has become customary since the 1990s to dress up in the soviet-style school uniform with white aprons and white bows in the hair.

Usually divided into the formal and solemn parts, the ceremony features awarding certificates or diplomas during the official part, while the solemn part is associated with certain traditions of a particular educational institution, often featuring entertainment.

This year, the very “last bell” for those who are finishing school will be held for two days – for those studying five days a week it will be on May 30, while May 31 will celebrate the last bell for students, studying six day a week.

About 20,410 students will leave the schools only in Baku this year, country’s Education Ministry said. Meanwhile, the ministry said some 138,000 children will go school for the first time in Azerbaijan.

The last bell implies bidding farewell to childhood and beginning of a somewhat uncertain but fascinating as well as responsible stage of a person’s life.

Every graduate will certainly remember this solemn day of his or her life, and the school years will embedded in the memories of many for a long time and will be recalled as the sweetest, innocent times.

But is that the last bell for passionate years, which one expected impatiently, or just a farewell to the careless, happiest years of childhood?

No, because the last bell is also a first bell to a new unexplored world, new opportunities, new friends and hobbies. However, the school lays the foundation of future of the man, and of course, leaves the best memories that warm the soul and the heart.


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