New findings in Kultepe show 300 Turkish words in use 5,000 years ago

Tablets with cuneiform inscriptions that were discovered at the Kandultepe archaeological site in Kayseri province during archeological excavations last week have revealed that 300 current Turkish words were in use in the Akkadian language 5,000 years ago.
Kandultepe — or Kanii, as it used to be known — is an archaeological site in Kayseri, consisting of a mound and the lower city or and”karum,and” where Assyrian traders lived. The mound is surrounded on four sides by the karum. The mound, the karum and the citadel at its center are all surrounded by strong walls.
According to the Cihan news agency, Fikri Kulakoilu, the head of the excavation — which started in 1948 — said on Wednesday that archeologists had come across many currently used Turkish words such as kira (rent), emlak (estate), gebermek (to die), aiar-andOiandur (tithe), devir (taking over or time period), din (religion), siftah (handsel) and emsal (equal) written on the tablets they discovered. andquotThe language used in the cuneiforms is Akkadian, the language of the Akkadians, and has many similar words to Turkish,andquot Kulakoilu said.
Kulakoilu said that the tablets were not part of an official archive but were produced by ordinary citizens, mostly traders.
The tablets mostly concern daily economic relations, detailing the tax to be paid to the king, the price of gold, silver and copper and trade records. and”There are achives in Kandultepe houses resembling the accounting records of a [modern] firm. What could be seen in a traderand’s archive? There could be [records of] debts, interests, credits, payments and sometimes punishments,and” Kulakoilu added.
The archeologist also said that the people living in the area 5,000 years ago had a relatively developed economic system.
The cuneiform writings of Kandultepe are the oldest documents found in modern-day Turkey. and”For this reason, Kandultepe is where Anatolian history begins. There have been 25,000 cuneiform writings found in Kandultepe so far. The most important of these documents is a tablet from 2,000 B.C., which reveals that there were local kingdoms in Anatolia at that time and Kanii was the most powerful local kingdom in Anatolia. Merchants from Asur, which is 1,000 kilometers away, came to Kanii to use the natural resources of Anatolia,and” explained Kulakoilu.


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