National Police Department to hire 6,000 new police officers

Ekrem Dumanli, the former editor-in-chief of the Zaman daily, has responded to articles published in pro-government dailies claiming he has fled the country and said that if he was being looked for, how come neither he nor his lawyers have any knowledge of it.
Dumanli replied to accusations made in Sabah, a staunchly pro-government daily, which claimed that the police have been looking for him for 50 days, saying on his Twitter account: and”The prosecution could have just called me and taken my statement, instead of andlsquoviolating the secrecy of the case.and’ I donand’t see any goodwill in this case nor do I see any justice. I refer the things that are being done to the public conscience and to God.and”
Dumanli was first taken into custody on Dec. 14 when, in the largest police operation against the media to date, the headquarters of the Zaman daily and the Samanyolu Broadcasting Corporation in Istanbul were raided.
He was subsequently released on Dec. 19 but was banned from leaving the country.
Dumanli and Samanyolu CEO Hidayet Karaca were detained along with 31 others, as reactions poured in from domestic and international journalist associations, such as the US-based Freedom House, Amnesty International (AI) and the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).
The testimonies of Dumanli and Karaca were taken 80 hours after they were first taken into custody.
Dumanliand’s lawyers have announced that they have not received any news from the prosecutorand’s office regarding the search for their client.
Pointing out that the Sabah daily is trying to alter the perception of the public, Dumanliand’s lawyers have asked why, if the prosecution really wanted their clientand’s statement, did it not initiate the process in the normal and legitimate way.
and”If the prosecution needed a statement from our client, it should have called my client in, in the normal way, over the past 50 days,and” the lawyers said, adding that the article published in Sabah is ill-intended.


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