National Council refuses to meet with PACE co-rapporteurs

Baku: The National Council has refused to meet with PACE Monitoring Committee co-rapporteurs Joseph Debono Grech and Pedro Agramount, who are on a visit to Azerbaijan.

Chairman of the National Council Jamil Hasanli told APA that they do not consider meeting with the co-rapporteurs expedient. According to him, the National Council has made a request to the European Council leadership for recalling the co-rapporteurs: “We have stated in advance that we don’t intend to meet with them, because they are reluctant to see the real situation in Azerbaijan”.

Jamil Hasanli also commented on the fact that he wasn’t invited to the meeting of French president François Hollande, who was on a visit to Azerbaijan on May 11-12, with human rights defenders and politicians: “Ask French Embassy why I wasn’t invited to the meeting. It’s not interesting to me”.


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