MP: Assessment of PACE observation mission on Azerbaijan’s parliamentary elections – victory of justice

Baku: The assessment of PACE Election Observation Mission on 1st November 2015 parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan is the victory of justice, Elkhan Suleymanov, MP from Shamakhi, member of Azerbaijani delegation to PACE, told APA.

The European Parliament, OSCE PA, and OSCE/ODIHR refused to monitor 1st November elections in Azerbaijan. Besides, these international institutions made strong pressure on PACE to do the same. The sole objective of this unfair isolation is to establish negative image of Azerbaijan, to make pressure on our country on the excuse of human rights, to destabilize the country, and make us forget our occupied territories.

At the same time, both European Parliament and OSCE PA well realized that their positive assessment of Presidential elections 2013 in Azerbaijan was a reality, and Azerbaijan makes resolute steps towards democracy, but they again didn’t want to see and to inform the world about the reality and to witness democratic, transparent, and free elections in Azerbaijan. Therefore, they blackmailed Azerbaijan through isolation and political pressure.

PACE disrespected its decision on deploying the election observation mission to 1st November parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan for three times under these pressures. The relevant decision adopted in PACE Bureau and approved during the ordinary session was repeatedly put into discussion. Consequently, PACE EOM consisting of 32 members from 5 political groups monitored 1st November elections and issued a statement. PACE EOM assessed the 1st November elections as follows:

The elections were held in accordance with the Election Code of Azerbaijan, which provides a legal framework for the democratic conduct of elections.

The Election Day was calm and peaceful across the country. The voting process was observed to be adequate and generally in line with international standards.

The observation mission therefore congratulates the Azerbaijani people for their peaceful and orderly conduct during this electoral process.

The preparation to the elections and the voting processes were professionally and technically well organized.

Throughout the Election Day, the Mission did not report any major or systemic violations of the Election Code.

In conclusion, the Mission states that despite the mentioned shortcomings, the significant increase of voters’ turnout and the transparency of the voting and counting procedures demonstrate another step forward taken by the Republic of Azerbaijan towards free, fair and democratic elections and that the results of this vote express the will of the Azerbaijani people.

This PACE assessment is the victory of justice, and exposed the European Parliament, OSCE PA, and OSCE/ODIHR and their crafty intentions.

Europe should after all accept the Azerbaijani reality, end this injustice, give up political pressure, and cooperate with Azerbaijan. And we’re always open to cooperation.


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