MNS: Several officials recalled to service, appointed to new positions

Baku: Interview with the spokesperson for Azerbaijan’s Ministry of National Security (MNS) Arif Babayev regarding a variety of recent reports about the ministry

– There are reports of the dismissal of some MNS officials and appointment of new persons. Some reports suggest a lot more officials have been sacked. Is it true?

– President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Commander-in-Chief, Mr. Ilham Aliyev has set serious goals of making fundamental changes in the Ministry of National Security, boosting discipline among the personnel, and heightening their professionalism. In this respect, the MNS is currently undergoing large-scale, purposeful, and urgent changes, as a result of which a number of officials have been relieved of their duties for violating acts of the law on military duty and military service, failing to fulfill their obligations as servicemen, and having serious flaws and deficiencies in service-related operations.

In addition, under the instructions of the first Deputy Minister of National Security lieutenant-general Medet Guliyev, who currently acts as minister, the cases are being reviewed of some officials who have long worked for the ministry but been dismissed. Several officials have already been recalled to service and appointed to new positions.

– There are conflicting reports on the latest incidents in the ministry. What do you think of these reports?

– Public interest in the latest incidents is understandable. However, there should be a sensitive approach towards some issue, including reports – authentic or unauthentic – of appointments within special service agencies. The ministry’s activities within its authorities in accordance with the legislation differ for the specificity, including conspiracy, use of obvious and non-obvious methods. It should be understood that mass media outlets, properly assessing their duties, are to share the responsibility of ensuring national security with the relative authorities, be sensitive and careful regarding coverage of country’s national interests and security. For example, some newspapers and websites have recently are disseminating absurd, illogical and biased information titled “the case of MNS”, “MNS got money of martyr’s brother” or “scandal of MNS”. This is unacceptable. MNS means Ministry of National Security. It is the central executive body of the executive branch of government. Naming this state body in various negative cases doesn’t serve the idea of statehood.

As it was made public, criminal case has been launched against some officials of the ministry on the specific charges, they are accused under the relevant articles of the Criminal Code.

Currently, the ministry’s leadership is currently are taking effective measures regarding prevention of shortcomings, irregularities and deficiencies in operational and service activity.

Naming the state body in various negative cases for a group of accused persons is unacceptable. We must not forget that the history of the national security agencies of Azerbaijan starts from the People’s Republic of Azerbaijan. National leader Heydar Aliyev spent 25 years of his meaningful life serving in these bodies. An entire generation properly studied national leader’s heritage of patriotism and statehood. That officer corps preserved the glorious traditions of this school and continues its honorable operation. The ministry’s employees died for the independence of our country and the protection of our lands from Armenian aggressors. At present, a number of young Azerbaijani boys and girls are receiving training in the ministry’s Academy named after Heydar Aliyev, and they will become security officers of the country. Of course, these ill-considered media reports are not encouraging.

In addition, we must not forget that Azerbaijan is the state of war. Against the background of the bloody events taking place in the nearby regions, including the threat posed by international terrorism, the belittling of the MNS’s prestige in the national media is a wrong step.

– There has been no appointment to the position of minister of national security. There are various reports circulating in the media in this regard. What could you say about that?

– All I can say is that ministerial appointment solely belongs to the exceptional authority of our President, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mr. Ilham Aliyev. It should also be noted that all orders and instructions of the Azerbaijani president are executed immediately and conscientiously under the leadership of the first Deputy Minister of National Security lieutenant-general Medet Guliyev, who currently acts as minister.

The Ministry of National Security is resolutely operating for stability and security to be maintained in the country. In coordination with other law-enforcement agencies, the Ministry of National Security is carrying out all necessary preventive actions to prevent possible threats to Azerbaijan’s national interests and security. The operational conditions are under control.


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