Mine blast burned our hearts

Mine blast burned our hearts It is hard to write a word on such days. Over 200 mine workers have lost their lives. The death toll might rise at any minute. It has been reported that nearly 170 workers are still trapped underground. The size of the disaster is so great. Turkey is mourning and its flags are being flown at half mast. We should be calm, but how? We cannot just categorize this huge tragedy as a labor accident and let it go. We cannot just say, “Such accidents happen in mines,” and stay silent. We cannot accept the fact that this mine was examined in March and received praise in terms of its work safety. We cannot hide behind the word “fate.” Who examined it? How was it examined? Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoIan gave examples from the world in his speech after the accident. It was not a pleasant moment. He compared the Soma disaster to mine accidents in England in the 1800’s, France and the US in the 1900’s. Sorry, but we are in 2014.(MEHMET TEZKAN, MILLIYET)

SOURCE: Today Zaman

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